Episode 6 of Wealth Within Reach is out and it’s a special one because I’m joined by my husband, Lawrence Brown!

In the latest episode, you’ll get to be a part of a heartfelt conversations as we reflect on nearly 16 years of marriage, business partnership, and family dynamics. Through our journey, we highlight the importance of communication, collaboration, and respect in both personal and professional relationships. Together, we’ll share valuable insights on supporting each other through individual struggles – not only nurturing friendship but also navigating the challenges of working together as spouses.

Discover how our experiences can guide you in building a successful marriage and business partnership while prioritizing the strength of your connection and shared goals. Tune in to this episode and learn how to build wealth (in love and life), with your partner.

Tune in here & give it a listen!


– On embracing marriage, business, and family

– The importance of navigating dynamics as husband and wife

– The pivotal role of communication and collaboration in a business partnership

– The utmost value of respect in working together

– On dealing with individual needs and shared responsibilities as a couple

– The importance of sharing personal struggles and offering support to your partner

– On building business with your spouse

– Factors to consider to have a successful marriage

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