This new episode of Wealth Within Reach is going to be a juicy one, because I’m going to be sharing the 5 biggest mistakes I made (and how to avoid them) when building out my 6-figure real estate portfolio.

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As I share these (sometimes painful) lessons I learned, I emphasize the critical importance of seeking help when needed, trusting in experts, delegating effectively, and having a supportive business coach for financial success.

Tune in as we explore my setbacks and triumphs and reveal my favorite actionable strategies for your real estate ventures. So if you’re looking to navigate the world of real estate investing, or are facing some of these issues with no solution in mind, this episode is perfect for you!


– Don’t wait too long to ask for help!

– The importance of delegating tasks

– The value of focus to complete projects and avoid distractions

– Why you need to trust the experts to avoid financial mistakes in real estate

– The pivotal role of having a business coach to reach a million-dollar mark

– How my fear of investing in myself held me back in life

Tune in here & give it a listen!

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