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This episode features the Best of Real Estate Mistakes You Need To Avoid to help you navigate the world of real estate investing successfully.

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Join me as I share some of myย most valuable real estate tips and experiences โ€” from separating business and personal finances, investing in self-transformation, collaborating over competition in the industry, and many more!


– Ep 3: From Hard Work to Smart Work: Unlearning the Grind Culture with Grammy-Award Winner Lecrae Mooreย 

– Ep 4: Real Estate Newbie? 5 Must-Know Mistakes (and How to Sidestep Them!)

– Ep 8: 5 Key Lessons I Learned from Building My 6-Figure Real Estate Portfolio

– Ep 10: 4 Types of People You Need to Have In Your Support Team

– Ep 11: Navigating Real Estate Careers, Burnout, and Parenthood with Adrienne Sherwood



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