In this episode of Wealth Within Reach, we are joined by renowned lifestyle export and author, Mattie James! 

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We’re going to talk about all things MAGIC – from embracing your uniqueness to tapping into the power of community for support, to making intentional adjustments based on your season, cycle, circumstance, and support system. Mattie also brings us along her journey as a blogger and entrepreneur, highlighting the importance of clarity and confidence when pitching yourself and pursuing your goals.

Discover the magic of everyday life and learn more about wealth through community that treasures growth, empowerment, and collaboration.


Tune in here!


– On appreciating everyday magic and adjusting to life’s challenges 

– The pivotal role of cultivating a daily habit of gratitude 

– On dealing with the need for different levels of support 

– Ways to simplify your life: Real estate and self-care

– On overcoming discomfort and fear in pursuit of success

– On navigating between effort and comfort 

– The importance of having a supportive community



“When you know that you’re not by yourself, you move differently… Confidence comes from safety.” — Mattie James

“Everyday magic is basically my framework for life. It’s about making everyday meaningful, aesthetically pleasing, goal-oriented, intentional, and consistent.”  — Mattie James


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