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Join me as I share this special episode with the Best of Starting Your Real Estate Business highlights. Discover the importance of building a supportive team, redefining success, and embracing growth in your real estate business journey with me and my amazing guests!

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– Ep 1: How to Invest Wisely, Overcome Scarcity, and Achieve Financial Abundance with Dr. Erica Jordan-Thomas

– Ep 2: How This Power Couple Overcame Limits in Real Estate & Life with JJ & Angela

– Ep 4: Real Estate Newbie? 5 Must-Know Mistakes (and How to Sidestep Them!)

– Ep 5: Building Your Real Estate Dream with Confidence & Community with Jazmyne Butler

– Ep 6: How I Built Wealth in Love & Life with My Husband Lawrence Brown

– Ep 8: 5 Key Lessons I Learned from Building My 6-Figure Real Estate Portfolio

– Ep 10: 4 Types of People You Need to Have In Your Support Team

– Ep 11: Navigating Real Estate Careers, Burnout, and Parenthood with Adrienne Sherwood



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