In this episode, I am joined by Adrienne Sherwood, who shares her journey from navigating mental health hurdles to dealing with the state of burnout.

Adrienne shares invaluable perspectives on exploring the complexities of work, underscoring the transformative power of real estate investments and mentorship initiatives. She also highlights the necessity of having self-care and boundaries. Don’t miss out on this conversation with Adrienne as she also emphasizes the importance of embracing parenthood and tuning into one’s instincts and needs amidst the whirlwind of success.

Tune in here!


– Adrienne’s experience of burnout and postpartum anxiety

– On dealing with burnout, career change, and mental health

– The importance of acknowledging differences in work

– The pivotal role of real estate investing and mentorship programs

– Ways to avoid burnout: Self-care & Boundaries

– On embracing being a parent and finding solace in knowing others



“I think what helps my mental health more is just knowing I have the option with this vision and these goals. I can take breaks when I need to.” — Adrienne Sherwood

“It’s taken my time in my mid-30s to learn to listen to my own body and my own voice. I learned so much through the mess of success.” — Adrienne Sherwood


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